It may not be an overstatement to state that in Nigeria, almost every family had suffered or had witnessed gender violence! “In Nigeria, a survey was conducted by Project Alert on Violence Against Women in 2001. Interviews were conducted with women working in markets, women working in other work places, and with girls and young women in secondary schools and in a university in Lagos state. They were asked about physical abuse in the family and in relationships and about rape and reporting incidents of violence. The answers women gave were alarming. 64.4 percent of 45 women interviewed in the work place said that they had been beaten by a partner, boyfriend or husband. 56.2 percent of 48 market women had experienced the same kind of violence. According to Amnesty International, the federal and state governments were partly responsible for these alarming figures. Neither the federal or state governments were doing anything to stem this violence and in some cases were even condoning it thus putting at risk millions of women nationwide.” This menace is on the increase and calls for private and non-governmental organization participation. This is why the Initiative for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Children (IEVAWC) in Nigeria was founded as a non-profit and non-governmental organization that is committed to preventing, eliminating, and providing lasting solutions to gender violence such as wife-battering, rape and child sexual abuse in the Nigerian society. IEVAWC was founded in June 14, 2006 by Miss Nabiye Blessing John Tal and was officially registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission in July 18, 2008. Membership categories include executive, registered, affiliates honorary and volunteers all dedicated to giving adequate advice and confidential counseling services to victims of gender violence through sensitive education and enlightenment campaigns such as seminars, talk shows, interactive forums, concerts, etc.

What we do

  • Preventing and Eliminating Gender Violence.
  • Giving sensitive advice and confidential counseling services to victims of gender violence.
  • Promoting human development through sensitive education and enlightenment campaigns on the prevention and elimination of gender violence.
  • Encouraging the identification, penalization and rehabilitation of the aggressors.
  • Encouraging and inspiring women, youth and children discover themselves, their real potential and their gifts and calling in each sphere of life.
  • Promoting collective peace and tolerance in order to reject violence as a means to any end.
  • Solicit from home and abroad materials such as medicine, food or any other aid, and disburse such materials as it deems fit towards the eradication of its aims and objectives.
  • The proper application of any funds realized towards the eradication of gender violence, illiteracy, poverty, diseases, and any other purpose which the trustees deem fit and proper.
  • To promote the principles of the rule of law and respect for the enforcement of fundamental human rights.
  • To create and maintain an endowment fund for the proper and thorough observance and discharge of any of the above aims and objectives.
July 2017
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